Medieval park

Live through an unforgettable family adventure in the mediaeval world in this fascinating epoch.

 In the mediaeval park below the chateau discover the functioning of the most powerful war armament of the Middle Ages, the trebuchet (sling) and the art of forging, through animations and spectacles.

The great trebuchet (sling) spectacle

During the summer holidays dive into the mediaeval world faced by our great trebuchet (sling) spectacle. Tremble faced by the attack of these terrible villains, they attack the beautiful chateau, at the foot of the 20 metres high trebuchet the battle rages. Take part in this captivating voyage to the past that will give you incredible moments of laughs and marvels.

Demonstrations of firing the trebuchet (sling)

Be carried away by our incredible firing of the trebuchet, our knight will explain the secrets of this powerful war machine of the Middle Ages.

The blacksmith’s workshop

Admire our blacksmith in his workshop ! There you will learn the secrets of fire and metal, our craftsman shapes and assembles  the pieces of metal by hand.


Marvel at the biggest trebuchet (sling) in the world

This is the largest siege machine in the world ! This Middle Age catapult is colossal, more than 20 metres high. It is an authentic reconstruction of one of the largest and most murderous war machines of all time.

The trebuchet (sling) was the largest and most formidable siege machine

The trebuchet was used to hurl enormous projectiles in order to make holes in the walls of a chateau. Rocks were the main objects, but other more unusual things could be used – bodies of humans or of animals were thrown by these machines into the besieged chateau to spread diseases !

Did you know ?
  • The range of fire could reach 2 kilometres
  • It weighs more than 15 tonnes

The concept of the machine for the chateau was carried out by the proprietor of the chateau and a team of enthusiasts. The trebuchet is mainly made of chestnut wood. The machine was designed as a kit with more than a hundred parts now joined together by metal fastenings

See our mediaeval animations with demonstrations of firing the trebuchet.